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Become a Blog Contributor


​Become part of a fast growing community focused on helping businesses grow and connect!

  • Gain influencer exposure for your name, business, & product/service

  • All blog posts will be shared on Jacksonville Business Connections' social media accounts


  • Must actively post. We require a minimum of 2 posts a month

  • No blog direct business advertising. Indirect advertising is accepted. Ex. You own a essential oils company. You can write a blog on how to add a combination of oils to a warm relaxing bath for moms to unwind at night and you slip in your brand and link to where they can purchase them.

  • You can post about events, but make sure there is proper content not just an event advertisement posted.

Blog Checklist:

*If you agree to the terms above click button below and register. Once registered we will add your rights to write blogs and become a contributor. If we see you are not actively writing your minimum blogs we will remove the blogging privileges.

  • Descriptive Title

  • Engaging Content 

    • Break content up with high quality images and lists​

  • Call to action (What would you like readers to do or learn)​

  • Conclude article

  • Save to draft and email or message us to let us know its ready to publish. Posts maybe be published in a stagnated order to maintain consistency in posting.

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