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Best Deal Yet! $35 Placemat Ads!

$35 Placemat Ad deal for first time businesses!

Promote your business in a very affordable way while putting your message in front of over 5 thousand potential leads. Jacksonville Business Connections has partnered up with Cafe Genovese to provide marketing placemats for their cafe. Cafe Genovese is a local cafe that has been around for over 8 years and has built a local following for their friendly service and tasty food.

Advertise your event, product, service, etc. that you want the public to see! Benefits:

Excellent Visibility – Over 5 thousand placemats used per month You Can’t Be Missed – Customers see ads for 10-12 minutes before they get their food NO Competition Allowed – You have exclusive rights your business segment No EXTRA charges for color ads Online Visibility - Ads will be displayed online with links to websites Use your business card, send us your ad, or let us have a go at creating your ad for you!

Discounts & Promotions for purchasing longer terms


Also you have the opportunity to win a Free Ad! Submit the form below for a chance to win & share your business on the Facebook Event Page



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