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Do you Boo!

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Tabitha Dingler

Life sure does get busy and sometimes its so easy to forget about our-self. You are the number one person in your life. You have to take care of you before any one else! Mental care is just as important as physical care. I'm not saying don't do the normal things we all do. What I'm saying is take time for you! Go get your nails done (even my hubby loves a pedicure), go have a cocktail with some friends, take a 20 minute walk in nature, turn off your phone, social media, emails and mediate for 5 minutes. Burn some incense, a diffuser, a candle, whatever your thing is and if your not sure, Find it! We all need to have that safe place where we can regroup for 5 minutes before we have a complete melt down and lose our shit.

I personally love to get my nails done, that is my treat to myself when I'm rocking my business. I want to look professional and that's what helps me feel professional. It gives me a self confidence to talk to people that I use to think I wasn't good enough for. Yes you read that right, I have not always believed I was good enough. I love to burn incense, I burn it in every room when I'm feeling blah. It helps me get rid of the negative vibes I have going on. I listen to pod casts daily, Pandora is my best friend, I jam to dance music and dance around the house, I read and journal. I do whatever I feel will help me be a better me!

It has taken me many years to get on a daily routine to change the way I think about myself. It isn't about what other people actually think of me, or tell me, or even treat me. It is all about what I think of me, what I tell me and yes how I treat me. Once you start holding yourself accountable for the way you feel, things in your life start to change. People no longer include you in there drama, people will hold you to a higher standard of respect and life will look amazing from the inside out. I'm not saying we can control everything, life is still life, it comes with good and bad. What I'm saying is when you start to care for you everything else falls into place.

Part of that is also making sure you make time for you and your spouse to. If possible one night a week is ideal, if not possible then no less than every other week. No matter how young or old your kids are, no matter how busy you are with schools, kids friends and work you have to make healthy time for you and your spouse. Your relationship depends on it! Can't find a babysitter? put the kids to bed early, make a romantic dinner, light a candle, turn out the lights, turn off the phones, set a table and actually look at each other while your eating and talk about your day, each other and yourself. Pick a movie or a series on Netflix and only watch it together, every night at least one show.

My husband and I get told all the time we are amazing, we have what everyone wants. Truth be told its not easy! We have struggles just like everyone else. What has helped us the most, is when our teenage kids wanted to be assholes we still made time for us. When life wanted to give us the worst, we stood together and helped each other. Oh i'm not saying we haven't had our share of fights. What I am saying is my husband is my rock, I know he thinks I'm the strong one but he is part of what helps me get through losing my daughter, he is part of what helps me fight another day and be the amazing woman I want to be. Your relationship isn't about being perfect or about who is right. Your relationship should be the backbone that gets you through the hard shit.

In reality it all boils down to you! If your not happy nothing in your life will be happy! If you don't believe you can, you wont. If your always looking for something more and complaining about what you don't have, you will never be grateful or happy with what you do have. If you are negative and look at the bad, that's all that will surround you. I have always tried to find the good in every bad situation. I have always believed one day I will be more than what I am and everyday brings me closer to the woman I want to be!

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