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Giveaway by Malie! Bringing Beauty and Your Own Essence into Your Home

Giveaway by Malie! Bringing Beauty and Your Own Essence into Your Home

What do you think about when you think of your home? It could be a serene place, your personal space and pocket away from the world... your home.
At Malie by Homecoming Studios, we understand the difference between a stylish space and a beautiful home. You see, when you have a stylish space, there's not always essence to it. But when you have a beautiful home, it’s beautiful because it was curated and created to fit you and your style. It’s a home when you feel you can breathe when you walk through the doors.

Our shop was curated to bring joy and luxury to your space in a way that is unique to you. With an in store design studio, Homecoming Studios, we can do everything from finding the perfect way to style your shelf, to a full home renovation. Always making it unique to you and your needs.

You like color but don’t want it to be tacky? Whether it is a vase with beautiful dried flowers from our flower bar, unique art, custom Kitch shelves, a rug, new glassware, the perfect chair, or the coziest sofa... We know the best ways to have it flow into your home that will make you smile every time you see it.

We also understand the timelessness of good taste, which is why we encourage and support you to have every piece in your home a piece that brings beauty and your own essence into your home instead of something that’s trendy. It is your home, and we’re happy to be here in this area serving this community in this way.

Next time you’re in the area or you have a few minutes to spare, stop by and take a peak at what we have to offer, you’ll be happy you did.

📢 Malie by Homecoming Studios is giving away a home
basket filled with $240 worth of goodies..
Enter now till March 25th 2024!

📢 To Find Out More Visit 👉 Malie by Homecoming Studios,




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