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Social Media Madness - Facebook and Instagram were Out!

Business owners, do not put all the eggs in one basket...

I’ve seen too many business owners relying only on social media to run their businesses.

Did you know that social media (Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter) was never meant to be a marketing platform?

Basically you are “renting” a space to a “landlord” that can change the terms of the contract any time and manipulate it towards their own benefit, not yours.

Let’s talk about some disadvantages of using only social media for business;

*You need time- A lot of time to keep up with the trends, reels, hashtags, algorithms, and that can be really overwhelming!

*Money - Investment is always a must on doing business but… do you want to invest on something that have a short term reach or long term reach? Let me show you the lifespan of post on social media; Facebook 5 hours (yes, you pay for a post and it will be relatively good for only 5 hours). Instagram ( 48 hours). Blog about the same post and you will have it online/reachable for at least 700 days! Obviously you need to use keywords and SEO properly but, hey!

*Your content can get boring - Keeping up with all every day can burn out your creativity and you will have a tendency to repeat or just do something to add content. And that content can be “empty”, a just because/without focus /reason post.

*Can be impersonal - Your business is a brand. As a brand you create a whole experience for your client. While social media help improve customer reach and could be useful tool for interaction, businesses can get so caught up in creating content and forget to use their social media as a two way communication tool. What if that inquire get lost on some hidden inbox? Some people prefer a good old phone call or meeting in person; are you available for that too?

* Without these social media platforms, can you still conduct business? Can you survive? Be honest…

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be amazing for a business, but, no one should only rely on Social media to do and develop business.

Social media marketing is short term lived investment, and in order for it to work it needs to be utilized daily.


Using social media in a lazy way can backfire, resulting in the loss of customers. Also that could lead to negative public reviews and damage your brand’s reputation.

Deciding on whether social media marketing is right for your business depends entirely on whether it fits your business model.

I am a firm believer that diversify the ways to lead towards your business is the way to go. Every time social media shuts-down potential clients are like ghosts. While social media carries infinite potential for success, some businesses may find that more traditional methods of marketing will work better for the long-term. Not everyone is on social media ( yes, difficult to understand for some, but it is reality).

What if your ideal client prefers google instead of Facebook, do you have that covered?

Do you have a website?

Do you use email as marketing tool?

What about Pinterest, did you know it can be an amazing social networking site?

Google, oh Google. Lots of possibilities, from hangouts, local maps, links…

Check out MeWe, Ello, BitChute, EyeEm… not everything is Facebook-Instagram-YouTube…diversify, be creative and smart for your business. Do not put all the eggs in one basket



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