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Jacksonville Business Connections

2018 Leading Women In Business Contest

Jacksonville Business Connections is launching our first annual Leading Women in Business Contest.  We want to celebrate all the wonderful women in business residing in the North Florida area.

Contest Overview & Benefits:

If you are a woman who owns a business and reside in the North Florida area, create a business profile to share and gain daily votes from your personal & business network community. This is includes women in network marketing businesses.


There will be 3 top winners and 100 ranked winners. Enter today for your chance to win. 1st place prizes: Free marketing consultation and $100 in FREE services & a yearly Premium Membership to the JBC Directory ($300 value).  2nd & 3rd place prizes receive yearly Starter Membership to the JBC  Directory ($100 value).

Contest Dates: February 1st 6am est. - March 31st 6pm est.


2018 Jacksonville Leading Women in Business Contest

Congratulations to the top three winners in our Jacksonville Business Connections Leading Women in Business Contest!

First I want to say thank you to all the amazing women in business who joined our contest! I had so much fun learning about all the women and the businesses they put so much hard work and energy into. You are amazing examples of fierce dedicated women in business and it showed in this contest! We plan on this contest being a annual staple and hope you join us again next year!!

Final Vote Tallies!

First Place - Mayredlis Cruz with Lighthouse Chiropractic 9043428970 - 10,352 votes - Winning a years membership to our Premium Jacksonville Business Connections Directory!

Second Place - Kayla Taylor with Tea Nation USA - 10,218 votes - Winning a years membership to our Starter Jacksonville Business Connections Directory!

Third Place - Paula Farhud Rukab with Swara Jewelry - 5052 votes - Winning a years membership to our Starter Jacksonville Business Connections Directory!

We look forward to having this contest again next year!!

View all the contestants profiles.

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