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  • Flodesk - Email Marketing Platform
    Jacksonville Business Connections uses Flodesk due to its affordability and unlimited subscribers and email blasts! One low flat fee, which is beneficial to our pocket books with our 30k+ email list!
  • Brilliant Directories - Directory Platform
    Jacksonville Business Connections uses Brilliant Directories directory platform for our Jacksonville Business Directory. Create Directory Websites with One Powerful Solution. Enjoy 50% off your directory.
  • WIX - Website Platform
    We use WIX for our website. We enjoy the built in options and easy templates to create our website. Create your website from an intuitive website builder to advanced business solutions & powerful SEO tools.
  • Gmail Workspace - Collection of Business Tools
    We use Gmail Workspace for our personal email address, google drive, and so many of the tools to run our business. Personalized Gmail Email, Calendar, Drive, Meet, and more. Now with Gemini for Workspace to boost productivity with AI.
  • What are the Upcoming Events Jacksonville Business Connections is Hosting?
    Please go to "Upcoming Events" page.
  • Where can I find event applications for Jacksonville Business Connections?
    Please go to "Event Applications" page.
  • When Do I Find Out If I am Accepted as a Vendor?
    First make sure you fill out our online application (found on our website only). After you complete the application and payment you should receive an automatic email confirmation. Everyone paid is accepted into the event. If for some reason, we have the same direct marketing business or a similar circumstance, we will reach out with the option of a refund or credit towards an upcoming event. What If I don't receive the email confirmation?
  • I Registered for an Event, But Didn't Receive an Email Confirmation
    This could be for several reasons: 1) There is a typo on the email provided on your application 2) You forgot what email address you entered on your application 3) The email is in your spam or promo folder. 98% of vendors think they didn't receive the email but then end up finding it once they search their email via the search box. Email: if you have questions
  • How Do I Register for Jacksonville Business Connections Events Without Getting Scammed?
    All our registrations are on this website. Please visit the "Event Applications" Page, where all of our applications are posted. Jacksonville Business Connections does not ask people on Facebook or other social media platforms for payments. ❌ We do text businesses that have filled out the application with no payments to ensure payment if they want to complete registration. In this instance, we still send an invoice and do not ask for direct payments via any cash applications.
  • What Advertising Options Does Jacksonville Business Connections Offer?
    We are currently working on that page.
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