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Your Pre-Game Super Bowl Party Checklist!

Planning a stellar Super Bowl party has never been easier or more fun! With the playoffs complete and a winning party strategy in hand, it’s time to prepare for an extraordinary Super Bowl LIV celebration they’re sure to remember all year long!

Set Your Budget

Create a reasonable budget for your pocketbook, and then stick with the game plan for a 50th modern-era NFL Super Bowl celebration for the record books! All eyes will be on the big game, so a few festive football decorations and fantastic football fare are plenty of pre-game preparation for the big coin toss and that first kickoff!

Lighten up your party budget by hosting a Super Bowl potluck and inviting guests to bring their finest game day culinary creations. Not only will you save money, you’ll save prep time in the kitchen before the game and clean up time after!

Plan Your Menu

Keep your home team happy and feasting on fabulous football food until the last game play! Classic game day favorites like Buffalo wings, pulled pork, pizza, chili, sub sandwiches, nachos, spinach dip, chips and salsa, and guacamole are indisputable crowd pleasers.

Finger foods are a game day must! Handhelds are perfect when it’s standing room only or when you’re seating doesn’t allow for extra tables to hold your game day cuisine. Set some wood serving trays around the room for a few extra places to set small plates and drinks.

And, of course, don’t forget to fill that ice bucket with those game day drinks and have plenty of referee can coolers and bottle openers at the ready!

Setting up for the Big Game

Get ready for kickoff with trophy-worthy party decorations. From football-themed plates and napkins to football field floor runners and more, your game watching space may just rival this year’s Super Bowl stadium in Miami, Florida!

In addition to your football décor, remember to add extra seating to accommodate your guests. If space is limited, toss large pillows or beanbags around for people to create their own comfy game watching spots. Bring lawn chairs in from outside, perfect for keeping with your outdoor game night vibe!

Between Plays

Enjoy a bit of game day fun between the plays by checking the status of your Super Bowl Squares game or playing a few friendly rounds of football trivia. And because everyone loves to check out the year’s much anticipated Super Bowl commercials, plan a game of Super Bowl Ad Bingo!

Post-Game Safety

Once the confetti has settled and the Vince Lombardi Trophy has been awarded to this year’s Super Bowl Champions, be sure all your guests travel home safely. For everyone unable to drive, dial up your local ride share or invite them to stay the night and enjoy a post-game breakfast of champions!

Author: Alanna Zelinski, Holmes Custom Content Team



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