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  • Is Your Smile Ready to Go Back to the Office?

    When the novel COVID-19 virus spread into a global pandemic, employees packed up their supplies, set up their home office, and began the journey of working remotely. A year and a half later, they’re now beginning to transition back into the routine of going to the office each day. Sound familiar? If so, it’s likely been a long time since you’ve seen your colleagues up close and personal. So, is your smile ready to go back to the office? How Your Smile Affects Your Professional Career According to the Academy of General Dentistry, nearly half of survey participants shared that a smile is the first thing they notice in someone they work with. Furthermore, people with whiter teeth are associated with positive attributes, like trustworthiness and competence. With this information in mind, it’s not hard to see why a bright, beautiful smile affects your professional career. Whether you are starting a new job or heading back to your old stomping grounds, the last thing you want is for stained, discolored teeth to get in the way – don’t let it! Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Way to Go Patients struggling with dental discoloration often reach for over-the-counter whitening products first. Unfortunately, the diluted brightening agents and one-size-fits-all trays deliver lackluster results time and time again. To truly blast away stubborn stains, you’ll need a professional whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist near Jacksonville. After creating a custom treatment plan, they can meticulously apply the whitening gel during an in-office treatment, delivering flawless results, minimizing post-treatment tooth sensitivity, and brightening your smile up to eight shades in a single visit! So, take the next step toward a bright, beautiful smile by scheduling an initial consultation. About the Author Dr. Matthew Nawrocki earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Florida College of Dentistry, and he has been helping nearby patients achieve their smile goals ever since! As a top-rated dentist in Orange Park, he is proud to offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments at his practice, including reliable and safe teeth whitening. If you’d like to address dental discoloration before heading back into the office or are simply interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry, don’t hesitate to visit his website or give him a call at 904-272-1588.

  • Awakening The Mind

    Written by Jacksonville Business Connections The new human technology a healing technology to awaken your mind and upgrade your senses. Awakening The Mind What does it mean to awaken the mind? Isn’t your mind already awake? How can you be awake and asleep at the same time? It doesn’t seem possible yet it is. Awakening the mind is different than being awake. The awakened mind is like being on pilot compared to auto pilot or being the driver as opposed to being the passenger of your life. The awakened mind is the driver, the sleeping mind is the passenger. This means that you do things without even thinking about it. It’s automatic and compulsive instead of conscious and intentional. Awakening the mind is about change. Changing how you think, feel and react ultimately changes the outcome of your life and experiences from random to desired. As your mind awakens so do your senses. This opens the door to higher levels of intelligence. This intelligence is a sixth sense sort of speak. Think of all the things you could do with a sixth sense. You could see the future and know what you need to change to insure a positive outcome. You can gain access to information that others don’t know how to reach thus, giving you the edge in life, career and relationships. You can hear what other are not saying, which aids when you are trying to close the deal or find out a customer’s real objections. You can heal the hurt and pain in your life by seeing and understanding why it is there and what it is there to teach you. You will find skill and talents you didn’t even know existed. All in all, you become smarter, wiser, happier and healthier and that is just the tip of the iceberg. When you understand what awakening the mind does for you it not only becomes practical but necessary as well. Here’s why. A sleeping mind stays put out of fear. For example, let’s say a sleeping mind will stay in a bad relationship because it is fearful of what will happen to it if it leaves. It fears the unknown. Whereas, the awakened mind is okay with moving on knowing that the peace it will achieve is better than the conflict. It also understands that it created the drama as a means to move on and will consciously create a happier experience. So how will benefit? Let me count the ways. Awaken your 6th sense Find your self-worth and value Understand what you feel and why you feel it Transform depression into progression Find your own personal balance and center Move past co-dependency and unhealthy relationships Find the cause of and release stress, trauma, and anxiety Create healthy boundaries Experience life from a new perspective Heal your mind, body and spirit …and so much more The bottom line is the awakened mind creates it’s own destiny and the sleeping mind goes along for the ride. Which would you rather be the driver or the passenger? Find out more about Stacey. Book a session today! Thank You Stacey for sponsoring the Holistic Living & Healing Expo #AwakeningTheMind #jaxbizconnectionssponsor #supportinglocalbusiness #holisticexpo #eventsponsor #jaxbizevents #jaxbizconnections


    Written by Jacksonville Business Connections Professional astrologer Melissa Marcum is your guide and ally on your journey. She was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Coral Springs, Florida. As early as age nine, she began studying birth dates for anyone willing to share. Melissa has studied Astrology with Carol Cummings as well as other well-known astrologers. Her approach is to combine spiritual understanding with practical action. She also views astrology as a universal language through, which the unique elements that make each of us who are can be discussed, understood, and developed. Melissa is an avid on-going student always pursuing new interpretations to describe planetary influences. She excels in the intimate one-on-one consultation, a setting which is supportive of self-awareness and personal growth. Check out Melissa's website to book a session! Thank You Melissa for sponsoring the Holistic Living & Healing Expo #astrology #jaxbizconnectionssponsor #supportinglocalbusiness #holisticexpo #eventsponsor #jaxbizevents #jaxbizconnections

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  • Jacksonville Business Connections | Business Marketing & Consulting

    Jacksonville Business Connections Connecting North Florida local businesses & communities WHO WE ARE Jacksonville Business Connections was launched in 2012 with the vision to help North Florida businesses market their products & services to the community. We have grown our presence over the years and it has been enjoyable to bring so many events to the local community! ​ Read/Write a Review Advertise With Us Jacksonville Business Connections prides ourselves on our unique affordable business marketing opportunities ​ Jacksonville Business Connections Online Business Directory - Join Now Events - Market your products and services - See a previous Event Video Online Advertising Ads on our various online directories - Email Swag Bag Advertising - Swag bags are given to guests at various events Eblasts - Reach 20k+ supporters & Facebook shout out of the campaign email link - Email Events Jacksonville Business Connections hosts over 20 events a year. Our mission is to bring local businesses a platform to market their products & services to the community through our events! Check out all our upcoming events Check out the sponsors & vendors associated with our events If you are a business interested in being a sponsor or vendor, check out more details here ! ​ CONTACT US Location: St Augustine, FL 32092 904-201-9590

  • Course Name 04

    Course Name 04 Course Price $120 Course length 100 Hours Buy Course Instructor Instructor Name This item is connected to a text field in your Content Manager. Double click on the dataset icon to add your own content. Click the Content Manager icon to manage collections. About the course This item is connected to a text field in your Content Manager. To update this field, double click on the dataset icon. Want to view and manage all your collections? Click on the Content Manager button on the panel to your left. Here, you can update your items, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more. Your collection is already set up with fields and content. Add your own by editing each field, or import CSV files to your Content Manager. You can create fields for rich text, images, videos and more. Remember to click Sync, so visitors can see your collections on your live site. You can add as many collections as you need. Back to all Courses

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  • Get Started with Your Forum

    Welcome to the Wix Forum. Use your forum as a discussion board to talk about topics linked to your website. Here are some tips for how to get started. Write a Welcome Post Greet visitors to your forum with a warm welcome message. Tell people what your forum is about and what to expect. You can also share this post on your social media sites to get things going and attract your first members. Add Categories Categories let users easily navigate your forum and find the topics they are looking for. Add your own categories to suit your site or business. Join the Wix Forum Community This is a community made just for you, Wix Forum fans. Get the latest updates, ask questions and share your wishes for new features. Check it out. Customize Anything Get your forum looking just the way you want. Open your forum settings to choose from different layouts, edit your text and more. Enjoy using your forum!

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  • ☕️ Coffee Mask

    We all know that a cup of coffee is a great way to start the day and pick you up from an afternoon slump. Did you also know that used coffee grounds are amazing for your skin? After you hop out of the shower: Mix your coffee grounds with some face oil Lightly massage the mixture onto your face Let it sit for at least 10 minutes Rinse off with warm (not hot though!) water Most importantly, take a minute to admire the lovely glow your freshly moisturized skin has. Instagram selfie time? Definitely.

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  • Free Get Noticed Business Challenge

    Take 3 days to learn more about our current business advertising directories. (,, I am going to go LIVE each day and show you how to use the directory. ✅Day 1: Walk you through setting up your profile. ✅Day 2: Creating Content ✅Day 3: The benefits of being part of a directory and why Download the workbook to track your assignments. Post a screen shot or link to the homework each day and be entered to win a paid advertising ad spotlighting your directory listing to our 7k Facebook followers! Who's in? This will be fun! This is for anyone who is already a member of one of our directories and wants to ensure your getting the maximum value for your money you invest. This is also for anyone who has been interested in what a membership looks like. We offer a FREE 14 day trial in which you can try the directory. You can cancel before the 14 days with no commitment and still do the challenge with us!

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