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Quick Tips to Make Team Building Exciting and Effective

Article written by Blog Post Contributor HolmesContentTeam

Working at the very best of your game often involves team support. Have you ever heard the expression two heads are better than one? Or teamwork makes the dream work? Multiple ideas, facets of knowledge, and strengths working together result in a strong bond that contributes to better productivity and success at work. So how might we enhance and improve our teams in the workplace? Corporate team building activities, of course!

What Is Team Building?

Team building involves a chosen activity that is used to further develop the social aspects of a team. Off-site group events improve communication, boost company morale, develop trust, and assist with problem solving. Outings provide an opportunity to define roles and assign responsibilities.

How to Choose Your Team Building Activity

Making Candy at Sweet Pete's

Start the exercise by getting the team involved. Have everyone submit ideas for activities you can attend in your community. Either draw an activity randomly or have the boss evaluate and decide on the best idea. Local sporting or cultural events, classes, and fun activities provide teams with the opportunity to learn from each other.

A rudimentary class gets down to the basics of group roles. Removing the team from a structured environment allows more organic team communication to flow. A fantastic way to bolster the team's spirit and get them ready for this event is by providing them each with a unique customized button. Each button can feature your company’s logo, employee names, or even a silly design.

Activity Ideas

The main focus on any team-building experience is to have a measurable result, whether that is creating a product, figuring out a process, or accomplishing a task. These are a few of our favorite ideas that could benefit your team.

  • Crafting Class

  • Escape Room

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Cooking Class

  • Ropes Course

  • Community Service Activity

Our Finished Product: Gummy Candies

Our Team Building Experience

Our SEO team at Holmes Custom attended a gummy bear making class for our team-building exercise. We made our way to Jacksonville’s local candy connoisseur, Sweet Pete’s! This candy business offers a variety of classes throughout the year. For our class, we learned the step by step process for creating these beloved treats. The team was able to test out different varieties of gummies, choose our molds, and pick a fruity flavor. At the end of our class, we left with our yummy treats and a more established team dynamic.

Make it Happen

This experience is positive and rewarding for each member of your group. It is important to make everyone feel like they are part of the team. Once your exercise is complete, you can follow up with each team member by asking them to write their favorite part of the experience and what they believed they gained from it. Following the event, the team may want to gift the organizer with a fun present that says "thank you." For a one of a kind gift, team members should get together and customize an office gift any boss would appreciate.

Benefits of Team Building

The way team members function during this activity will realistically translate into the actual roles taken on in the workplace.

  1. Roles are Created - You get a better understanding of how each person's role can be implemented.

  2. Collaboration - All working towards one measured achievable result.

  3. Communication - Conversations become deeper than surface-level chats.

  4. Highlights Individual Strengths - Who takes charge? Who assists? Who works the fastest? Who is the most detail-oriented?

The further you get in your team activity the clearer individual characteristics become. You will be one step closer to having an accountable and driven team. Your next challenge will be bringing that experience into daily work tasks. Remember, a happy team equals thriving productivity!



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