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Cover It Inc - Protect Your Babies From Changing Station Germs

Written by Jacksonville Business Connections

Hi, my name is Melissa Munsell, and I am the owner and founder of Cover It. I invented a baby product called The Disposable Baby Changing Station Cover. It is a Patent Pending product that is a must have in every parents diaper bag. This product covers the entire public restroom changing station so that parents do not get any of the icky germs that are on public restroom changing stations on their baby while they are being changed.

This is the only product like it on the market in that it does cover the entire changing stations because as we all know babies do not lay still during a diaper change and they want to touch everything with their sweet little hands. This is made of a printed, non woven fabric on the top with a PE Film on the bottom so nothing can permeate through to the top where baby lays.

On the back there are also 4 tape tabs that secure the cover to the station. And you simply throw it away with your diaper when you are done. No taking any germs home with you in your diaper bag anymore. No more fears of having to change your baby on a changing table that you have no idea what was there before you got there.

Thank You Cover It for sponsoring the Market in the South Event



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