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Is the Coochy Shave Cream by Pure Romance all its hyped Up to Be?

Article written by Tabby Dingler

I have always heard amazing things about Pure Romance's Coochy Shave Cream. So 3 years ago I went and bought not only Pure Romance's version but I purchased all the other versions I could find. To put them to the real test I also went and bought the cheapest razors I could find from the Dollar Tree. I wanted to make sure it was the Shave Cream and not a combination of shave and a more extravagant razor. 

It took me a few months time to test them all, 2 weeks of each one. I'm that person that has to know what I'm using is going to truly do what I want or what its designed to do. I was absolutely astounded by the results! It was the BEST shave I have ever had in my entire life. I definitely see why it's Pure Romance's # 1 selling product.

It stops any kind of irritations, red bumps, I can shave before going to the beach now and ingrown hairs are non-existent, even most of your more sensitive people can use. The more you use the longer you can go without shaving and the close shave you get makes your legs so smooth and soft. 

It's Super easy to use, just start like any other shave cream however you use much less, about dime size amount on each section you want to shave, leave on for 30 seconds to a minute and you will have the most amazing best shave of your life.

It's unisex and gives a man the same amazing shave on his face. How do I know? Well I had my hubby and sons try it of-course and they love it to. 

There is more! This amazing product also doubles as a hair conditioner. What? Yes you read that right! I have super frizzy thick long hair and this product is the only thing that has ever truly helped calm it. I shampoo normally, rinse, flip my hair upside down, start at ends with about a quarter size amount and work my way to the root. Leave in for 2 minutes and rinse. I have a few times used other conditions since starting with it (only because I forgot I was out before I got in shower) and I have to say I will never go back to using anything else.

This stuff is AMAZING!!! Try it Now and come back her and let me know how you loved it!



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