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Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions: you DREAM it, you WANT it, we can TRAIN it

Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions: you DREAM it, you WANT it, we can TRAIN it
Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions is one of the most trusted experienced dog trainers around the world and in North East Florida. Since, 2005 Lee Talmage has been dedicating his life’s work to working and training dogs with over 20 years of hands on experience in the field, both in Law Enforcement capacity and overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan as a government Private Contractor. The bases closed down during COVID in 2020 and missions stopped, that’s when Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions was born by Lee Talmage and his wife, Leann Crowell.

Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions is a great option for EVERY dog owner who wants to learn as much as their dog with training. Our number one goal is for our clients to be successful! We don’t just train your dog, we teach you along the way, and give you the tools to succeed after training is over.

Our team provides completed training programs that are customized to fit all your canine’s needs. We do not just have a generic training program, that is one size fits all. We will design a plan that is customized to your dog’s needs and issues, as well as keeping your lifestyle in mind, and making sure we hit those end goals you have for them. Every step of the way you will get first hand knowledge to truly understand the HOW’S and WHY’S of the training process with your dog. The process and knowledge you learn along the way will enable you to create a BOND that’s so unbreakable with your dog. You will get to the point that you feel like you can read your dog’s mind just by the way they look at you. Growing this bond will allow you to have a higher level of confidence within yourself while working your dog, thus will give you better results, and will allow you and your dog to work as ONE! This is known as the true essence of a K-9 team. Using this process is actually the same process we used in Law Enforcement, and for government Private Contracting as K-9 handler/trainer.

There are handlers, trainers, and instructors. Handlers are great at working the dog. Trainers are great at training the dog. The instructor can do it ALL. Here at Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions we can work your dog, train your dog, but most importantly teach YOU to work your dog, so you truly understand the process of everything you are doing with your dog.

We offer in-home private one on one training, unlimited LIFETIME monthly group sessions, and Board & Train in all areas. We train ALL breeds and ALL ages.

Whether, you are looking for basic obedience dog training, intermediate, to advanced off-leash obedience, or need help with behavioral issues, or have a special needs dog that needs customized training, looking to have training for a Service Dog or Therapy Dog, or want/need protection training, to detection training, or even wanting to start a new hobby with your dog for fun, “WE’VE GOT YOUR SIX” in all areas.

In conclusion, choosing Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions for your dog’s training is more than just learning the basic commands, you will learn how to make that connection with your dog and give them your best every day! This knowledge and ability is what we bring to each one of our clients to ensure they receive the highest level of training possible.

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Explore our website ( to learn more about who we are as a company, our mission, and services.

❓Looking for customized dog training options that sets you and your dog up for success after the imprinting stage is over?

We offer 10% off discount on ALL packages to:

Retired/Active Law Enforcement Officers and Military

🐶 We are 10% off discount to multiple dog households (no combined discounts)

💵 We are partnered with ‘Affirm’ for monthly payment plans

✅FREE Consultations

✅Bonded & Insured

✅NAPWDA & IPWDA Certified

✅UNLIMITED lifetime monthly group sessions

✅UNLIMITED video trainer support

✅1 on 1 Private Sessions

✅Board & Train Options (not in a facility)

✅Assigned “Homework” with support

💥 Book a FREE consultation and hire the experts today!




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Leash & Beyond K9 Solutions: you DREAM it, you WANT it, we can TRAIN it


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3 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lee taught my dog Loki and myself! He gave us the tools we needed to succeed! My dog was fearful and had no idea how to interact with people and animals. He is doing great! We continue to grow.

I highly recommend them!

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