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Written by Jacksonville Business Connections

Professional astrologer Melissa Marcum is your guide and ally on your journey. She was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Coral Springs, Florida. As early as age nine, she began studying birth dates for anyone willing to share.

Melissa has studied Astrology with Carol Cummings as well as other well-known astrologers. Her approach is to combine spiritual understanding with practical action. She also views astrology as a universal language through, which the unique elements that make each of us who are can be discussed, understood, and developed.

Melissa is an avid on-going student always pursuing new interpretations to describe planetary influences. She excels in the intimate one-on-one consultation, a setting which is supportive of self-awareness and personal growth.

Check out Melissa's website to book a session!

Thank You Melissa for sponsoring the Holistic Living & Healing Expo



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