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Southern Style Insurance supporting local Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network

Written by Jacksonville Business Connections

Thank You Jill Vickers with Southern Style Insurance for sponsoring the Wall Ball Squats for Tots Fundraiser.

I was raised on sweet tea and Jesus in South Georgia. After college, I spent some time in Tennessee before settling down in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Now, you know why my business is Southern Style Insurance!

Growing up, I had chronic asthma and allergies that made me a regular patient of the emergency room and my pediatrician’s office. I took pills, inhalers, breathing treatments and allergy shots year around just to have a somewhat normal childhood. All of this was without health insurance… I watched my family do without so I could have what I needed..."

Help me support this cause - Find out more about how you can help in raising funds!

Jill Vickers
Number: (615) 218-8264

Find out more about Southern Style Insurance

Thank You Southern Style Insurance for sponsoring the Wallball Squats for Tots Event

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