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Touch of Design - Life is too short to wait for your nails to dry

Written by Jacksonville Business Connections

Hello, I am Carol Blair

I am a work from home mom. I have full time job as an Epilepsy Advocate and also a Color Street Independent Stylist. I started using Color Street Nail polish strips in 2018. It took me about 6 months to really get into this idea of using these polish strips at home. I was hooked. I decided to become a stylist in 2020 because I love Color Street and how easy it is to use. I have met so many new amazing friends by becoming a stylist.

Color Street is a brand of 100% nail polish strips that apply with no heat and no special tools, and are dry-to-the-touch immediately. They last up to two weeks and respond to regular nail polish remover. You can use them on your fingers and your toes. Each set has 16 double-ended strips and ranges from $11-$14. Such a deal for an easy, smudge-free manicures. WE offer a wide range of solid colors, glitters, nail art and French tips, and holiday sets.

Color Street also gives back with the Color Street Foundation. Each month an awareness/foundation set is released and Color Street gives back to the community and foundations that each month's set represents.

Thank You Touch of Design for sponsoring the Handmade in the South Event



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