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Unlocking the Fullness of Human Potential

East Coast Family Chiropractic

Thank You, East Coast Family Chiropractic, for sponsoring the Jacksonville Makers Market!

Dr. Morgan Jones serves the Northeast coast of Florida through the MaxLiving Health Center, East Coast Family Chiropractic.
East Coast Family Chiropractic

"Over the years, I’ve seen my family and community struggle with their health. Years of challenges, interventions, and testing with no real answers. With medications, surgeries, diagnosis, and fear on the rise, it’s time for something different.
It’s time for change. It’s time for hope. We know that our bodies have the incredible ability to heal itself when there’s no interference. We’re on a mission to help people reach their full God-given potential and to know true freedom in their health. We exist to serve. We exist to set people free."



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