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4 Ways a Confident Smile Can Help Your Career

Article written by Blog Post Contributor jacksonvillentdental

4 Ways a Confident Smile Can Help Your Career
4 Ways a Confident Smile Can Help Your Career
Have you been going above and beyond in hopes of getting a promotion? Do you have an interview on the calendar for your dream job? In today’s world, it’s not only about your experience and schooling, it’s about your personality and soft skills. Fortunately, you have a powerful tool in your arsenal you may have forgotten about: your smile. To learn four ways a confident smile can help your career, read on!

#1. Your Smile Is One of the First Things People Notice About You
Did you know that your smile is one of the first attributes people notice? With less than a split second to make a good first impression walking into an interview or meeting a new boss, time is of the essence! Since a healthy, beautiful smile is associated with positive attributes like trustworthiness and capability, it’s worth flashing your pearly whites when entering the room. (If your teeth are looking a bit discolored these days, then ask a skilled cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville about professional whitening).

#2. Your Smile Can Boost Your Confidence
Once you land the job, there will be plenty of other people to meet, from the HR department and the owners to your coworkers. If misaligned, chipped, or otherwise imperfect teeth leave you feeling insecure, then you may not feel confident enough to introduce yourself (or talk to them at all). On the other hand, if your bright, straight, flawless smile adds to your self-esteem, you’ll be able to summon the courage to make important connections and friendships.

#3. Your Smile Communicates Positivity and Confidence
When asked, hiring managers shared that hard skills, like specific training, are certainly important. However, soft skills, are equally as crucial. In fact, 46% of those interviewed look for someone confident and a whopping 72% look for someone with a positive attitude. Luckily, your smile helps in both of those regards. While healthy teeth and a beautiful smile help you feel confident in your appearance, the mental effects of smiling consistently create a positive aura around you.

#4. Your Smile Can Lead to Better Networking
Networking isn’t just about who you know… It’s about who you know and how they feel about you. After all, knowing all the right people won’t help if you consistently make a bad first impression. The good news is that smiling when being introduced to someone and during the subsequent conversation can create a ripple effect of positivity, making them more inclined to build on the relationship. In short, a memorable, healthy, beautiful smile can help your connections get stronger over time. Don’t worry – if you aren’t happy with your smile, our skilled dentist in Jacksonville can help!

Now you know a few of the many ways your smile can boost your professional success. If you have some career goals on your to-do list, then don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with our dentist’s office. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have the healthy, confident, beautiful smile you deserve!

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