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Awakening The Mind

Written by Jacksonville Business Connections

The new human technology a healing technology to awaken your mind and upgrade your senses.

Awakening The Mind

What does it mean to awaken the mind? Isn’t your mind already awake? How can you be awake and asleep at the same time? It doesn’t seem possible yet it is.

Awakening the mind is different than being awake. The awakened mind is like being on pilot compared to auto pilot or being the driver as opposed to being the passenger of your life. The awakened mind is the driver, the sleeping mind is the passenger. This means that you do things without even thinking about it. It’s automatic and compulsive instead of conscious and intentional.

Awakening the mind is about change. Changing how you think, feel and react ultimately changes the outcome of your life and experiences from random to desired.

As your mind awakens so do your senses. This opens the door to higher levels of intelligence. This intelligence is a sixth sense sort of speak. Think of all the things you could do with a sixth sense. You could see the future and know what you need to change to insure a positive outcome. You can gain access to information that others don’t know how to reach thus, giving you the edge in life, career and relationships. You can hear what other are not saying, which aids when you are trying to close the deal or find out a customer’s real objections. You can heal the hurt and pain in your life by seeing and understanding why it is there and what it is there to teach you. You will find skill and talents you didn’t even know existed. All in all, you become smarter, wiser, happier and healthier and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you understand what awakening the mind does for you it not only becomes practical but necessary as well. Here’s why. A sleeping mind stays put out of fear. For example, let’s say a sleeping mind will stay in a bad relationship because it is fearful of what will happen to it if it leaves. It fears the unknown. Whereas, the awakened mind is okay with moving on knowing that the peace it will achieve is better than the conflict. It also understands that it created the drama as a means to move on and will consciously create a happier experience.

So how will benefit? Let me count the ways.

Awaken your 6th sense

Find your self-worth and value

Understand what you feel and why you feel it

Transform depression into progression

Find your own personal balance and center

Move past co-dependency and unhealthy relationships

Find the cause of and release stress, trauma, and anxiety

Create healthy boundaries

Experience life from a new perspective

Heal your mind, body and spirit

…and so much more

The bottom line is the awakened mind creates it’s own destiny and the sleeping mind goes along for the ride. Which would you rather be the driver or the passenger?

Thank You Stacey for sponsoring the Holistic Living & Healing Expo



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