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Celebrate Reading @ Jax Book Fest 2020!

Article written by Blog Post Contributor HolmesContentTeam

Jax Book Fest 2020

Main Library | 303 Laura St. N.

Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020

10 am – 3 pm

Celebrate Reading @ Jax Book Fest 2020!
Celebrate Reading @ Jax Book Fest 2020!

Happening just once every four years, this February 29 marks Leap Day. What better way to do something exciting with your ‘extra’ day than by attending the annual Jax Book Fest, hosted by the Jacksonville Public Library and San Marco Books and More!

Join 80+ local and national authors, featuring books of every genre and for every age, including Brad Meltzer, one of Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors! Attend author book signings and presentations, a variety of self-publishing and writing workshops, plenty of activities for the little ones, MOSH, music, and more.

Enjoy a Pop-Up Shop by San Marco Books and More: Official Bookstore of Jax Book Fest 2020

Perfect for purchasing copies of featured authors’ books at the Main Library during Jax Book Fest. Whether you’re grabbing a copy of their latest and greatest, or their previously published favorites, we’ve got you ‘covered’!

If you’re planning to purchase books before the event, please order via San Marco Books and More. Shop local – every purchase makes a big difference in our community! A portion of each sale will support the Jacksonville Public Library.

Personalize Your Favorite Books

Add a bit of personality to your favorite books (aren’t they all?!) by gracing your inside covers

with specially designed ‘From the Library of’ embossers or personalized library stamps. Like miniature works of art, these stylish book accessories will add an extra special touch to your books’ pages.

Celebrate Reading @ Jax Book Fest 2020!
Celebrate Reading @ Jax Book Fest 2020!

Choose the Library Card for You

E-Cards – Perfect for the tech savvy reader on the go, e-cards allow you to check out audio books for e-readers including Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and more! Select from books, digital magazines, movies, and music.

Library Cards – A tried and true classic! Perfect for readers who love to read from traditionally bound books, a conventional library card provides an opportunity for leisurely browsing roomfuls of exciting titles.

Educator Cards – Ideal for educators including school teachers and homeschooling instructors who benefit from checking out library materials in bulk for an extended period of time.

Please visit Jacksonville Public Library for additional details.

Alanna Zelinski, Holmes Content Team


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