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Choosing Your Photographer

Why I am writing about this? Why is important ? How can this be helpful?

Choosing Your Photographer

Because I do believe that a photo can tell a million things, bring memories, and feelings.

Do you know that photographer’s style? Does that photographer offer products ? How is the customer service? Consultation? Creativity and Originality…

This is why I am sharing some tips to make your decision easier and worth it.

Choosing Your Photographer

Take into consideration the following ;

  1. Research. Yes, asking friends and family for recommendations is a good idea, check websites, and find reviews too. Do you like his/her style? Airy? Dark? Emotive? Posed? Traditional? The more photographers you compare, the more overwhelming can be. If you find “the one” contact him/her immediately.

  2. Who is a Professional Photographer?. We all know someone who “takes photos”, but taking great images, understanding how to set it up, engage with clients, work with light, and edit photos are skills that require training and experience. Don’t just hire someone who thinks they are a photographer. What about a professional photographer who has an established track record?. Real photographers have a website, not just a Facebook page. Insurance? Customer service? Products available? Creativity?

  3. Credentials. Does this photographer’s work shows consistency, knowledge, experience and education? How photography became his/her business? Does his/her have an insurance? Can you see some of the products?

  4. Do you Love that photographer’s Style?. Visit the photographer’s website and social media pages and review their portfolio. Does the photography style match your vision for your final images? Do you like the change in colors and the edits? Are the whites white and the blacks black? Do you prefer natural lighting or flash lighting?

  5. Talk to the Photographer. Is there a consultation available?. You should be able to communicate freely and easily with your photographer. Does the photographer takes the time to listen to your vision? How full galleries are delivered? Can you see some of those galleries?

  6. Focus on the Photographer’s Art. Find a photographer who specializes in the kind of pictures you want. Please do not ask another photographer to do exactly the same as another photographer. If the style is different, go to the original photographer. No one can recreate other people art. It will never be the same.

  7. Fees. Maybe you are thinking to go to the photographer who charges the least, but often this lower price reflects a lack of skill and experience. Photographers charge what they’re worth and what is required to run a business. Ask about additional fees: What is a Non refundable retainer Fee? Does that cost include editing, prints, and other services, or are each of those extra? You don’t need to break the bank to afford a quality photographer, but you should be willing to invest a fair amount to ensure you get the best possible result.

Choosing Your Photographer

Choosing Your Photographer

Choosing Your Photographer

Talk to your photographer, be respectful of his/her time. If you decide to go with another photographer, we appreciate to let us know, kind of good manners. I can assure you that will make a difference on how enjoyable the whole experience can be.

Photography is a necessary luxury. You invest on beautiful images of moments that can not be recreated, because the feelings won’t be the same, people won’t look the same and time will not be the same. A professional photographer will make sure that when you go back to look at those images of tiny toes, bright smiles, sweet kisses and hugs you will enjoy it.

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