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Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day

Article written by Blog Post Contributor HolmesContentTeam

Celebrating the Feast of Saint Valentine – or Valentine’s Day, as it is commonly referred to by masses of romance seekers around the world! – is just around the corner on February 14. With hundreds of years of romantic customs and traditions, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to share your love and affection with those who are close to your heart all year long!

Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day
Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day

Say ‘I Love You!’ in a Romance Language

Impress your loved ones by saying ‘I love you!’ in one of the five romance languages. Whether these languages are a part of your cultural heritage or you’re just a romantic at heart, this sweet gesture is sure to be appreciated. The five most spoken romance languages are Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Romanian.

Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day
Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day


In Italy, ‘Ti voglio bene!’ is the phrase for expressing love to family, friends, and other social relationships.

For that wonderfully romantic love that fulfills your heart’s desire, ‘Ti amo!’ is the superstar of declaring your love!


Often referred to as the language of love, speaking French is quite the romantic way to say ‘I love you’!

‘Je t'aime’ is the phrase most commonly used in France to express your love to friends and family members alike.

For your one and only, saying ‘I am in love with you’ is either ‘Je suis amoureux de toi!’ or ‘Je suis amoureuse de toi!’


In Portuguese, profess your love with these romantic phrases:

‘Eu te amo’ simply means ‘I love you’.

‘Eu adoro você!’ means ‘I adore you!’

‘Você roubou meu curacao!’ is ‘You stole my heart!’


If you hail from Spain, or another Spanish-speaking land, these are common phrases of love:

‘Los amo!’ means ‘I love you with all my heart, my darlings!’, while ‘Te amo!’ is usually reserved for spouses or others deeply in love.


Known as the forgotten romance language, there are several charming ways to declare your love in Romanian:

‘Iti dau inima mea’ means ‘I give you my heart’, while ‘Iubesc cu toata inima’ is ‘I love you with all my heart’. Or, share a simple ‘I love you’ by saying ‘Te iubesc’.

Understand Your Partner’s Love Language

Knowing your special someone’s love language is the perfect way to focus your efforts on expressing your love in meaningful ways for them. The five love languages include affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day
Discover the Languages of Love this Valentine's Day


Words are powerful! Whether you’re professing your love to your one and only, or you’re wishing them a wonderful day as they head out the door, your words have the ability to send their spirits soaring! Often, the smallest sentiments from the heart are the ones that make the most meaningful impressions. A handwritten Valentine note or a personalized gift with your special term of endearment will remind them of your love all year long!


Random acts of kindness become even more meaningful when you’re doing them for someone you love. If acts of service are the way to your loved one’s heart, putting a bit of heartfelt effort and time into doing things they will appreciate is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’! No matter how small the good deed may seem, what matters is the intention behind it. So weather you’re warming up her car on a cold winter’s morning, or walking the dog during the big game for your sports fan, little acts of love are sure to be remembered!


For some people, receiving gifts translates to feeling loved, and thoughtful gifts go far beyond the gifts themselves. A heartfelt gift given to someone you love shows that you took the time, made a thoughtful choice, and put in the extra effort to show how much they mean to you. Whether it’s a lovely personalized gift for Valentine’s Day made especially for them, or tickets to the play they’ve been talking about for weeks, your gifts are sure to show your love!


Nothing says (and shows!) ‘I love you’ quite like the gift of time together. We often spend time with our loved ones, but being in the same place does not always equal quality time. Imagine how loved your someone special will feel when you give your undivided attention – no cell phones, no computer screens, no television, no chores – no multitasking! Just the two of you, sharing meaningful conversations, a long walk in the park, or cooking up a delicious dinner together to enjoy by candlelight, quality time is the perfect way to show your love!

Make quality time part of your weekly routine and something you both look forward to! Sync your calendars with regularly scheduled dates and times to spend uninterrupted quality time together all year long.


If your sweetheart’s love language is physical touch, then affection is the way to share a spark from your heart! Holding hands, giving warm hugs, or even an unexpected kiss are the perfect ways to show your special someone how much they’re loved. Offer him a back rub after a long day or put your arm around her while watching your favorite movie together, keeping close physically will help keep you close in their hearts!

Author: Alanna Zelinski, Holmes Custom Content Team



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