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Heels And Hustle Entrepreneur

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Lisamarie Monaco

Let's talk #MINDSET!

The great thing about being an entrepreneur in today's world is that you can do anything you desire and be there for your family at the same time as long as you have the right mindset.

You will need a tremendous amount of Focus, Balance, Grit, and well, let's face it, lots of Humor!

I started with a leap of faith and hardly $100 to my name when I first began my entrepreneur journey a few years ago. I look back at how far I have come, it amazes me. If I can do this, anyone with a vision, passion and dream can achieve anything they set out to do! #MINDSET

Today...I am a photographer by passion and I take care of our seniors by educating the importance of burial insurance also known as, final expense insurance.

I am a family protector. I help our seniors protect their loved ones from the financial burdens. So in order to help them, I need to have the right mindset from the start of the day!

Heels And Hustle Entrepreneur
Heels And Hustle Entrepreneur


What Is Your Why

What is your Why? What drives you to be an entrepreneur? These are important questions to ask yourself. Your MINDSET will pave the way to answer these questions. It will be your guiding light.

For me it is my passion to help others achieve their goals. There is nothing better than hearing a senior tell me I helped them achieve peace of mind knowing their loved ones are protected from financial burdens.


Stepping Stones Of Failure

Failures are the stepping stones to growth. Failures are the journey in building your empire one high heel step at a time. It goes right back to mindset. Embrace those failures and mistakes.

Never falter into the abyss of a negative mindset. Grab the failures. Give them a kiss and throw them up into the air and move on!


Keep Your Heels, Head & Goals High

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Be passionate in everything you do. Challenge yourself daily, Mind, Body & Soul. Visualize your goals daily. Keep your head high and take risks.

"Give A Girl The Right Shoes, & She Can Conquer The World" ~ Marilyn Monroe. 💋


Network All Day Long

Socialize and network weekly. Share your story and your brand on social media. Meet people and collaborate. Go to conferences and shows. People are looking to connect with you as well.

Meet with like minded people who you can grow with.

Heels and Hustle with a Smile & Passion while helping others!

Lisamarie Monaco




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