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Is Your Smile Ready to Go Back to the Office?

Article written by Blog Post Contributor matthewnawrockitnt

When the novel COVID-19 virus spread into a global pandemic, employees packed up their supplies, set up their home office, and began the journey of working remotely. A year and a half later, they’re now beginning to transition back into the routine of going to the office each day. Sound familiar? If so, it’s likely been a long time since you’ve seen your colleagues up close and personal. So, is your smile ready to go back to the office?

How Your Smile Affects Your Professional Career

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, nearly half of survey participants shared that a smile is the first thing they notice in someone they work with. Furthermore, people with whiter teeth are associated with positive attributes, like trustworthiness and competence. With this information in mind, it’s not hard to see why a bright, beautiful smile affects your professional career. Whether you are starting a new job or heading back to your old stomping grounds, the last thing you want is for stained, discolored teeth to get in the way – don’t let it!

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Way to Go

Patients struggling with dental discoloration often reach for over-the-counter whitening products first. Unfortunately, the diluted brightening agents and one-size-fits-all trays deliver lackluster results time and time again. To truly blast away stubborn stains, you’ll need a professional whitening treatment from your cosmetic dentist near Jacksonville. After creating a custom treatment plan, they can meticulously apply the whitening gel during an in-office treatment, delivering flawless results, minimizing post-treatment tooth sensitivity, and brightening your smile up to eight shades in a single visit! So, take the next step toward a bright, beautiful smile by scheduling an initial consultation.

About the Author

Dr. Matthew Nawrocki earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Florida College of Dentistry, and he has been helping nearby patients achieve their smile goals ever since! As a top-rated dentist in Orange Park, he is proud to offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments at his practice, including reliable and safe teeth whitening. If you’d like to address dental discoloration before heading back into the office or are simply interested in learning more about cosmetic dentistry, don’t hesitate to visit his website or give him a call at 904-272-1588.



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