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Ocean Inspired Art!

I decided to make Christmas gifts for my employees one year to give them a present that wasn’t store-bought. So I decided to make them beautiful, crushed glass Coastal Christmas trees on canvas covered with resin. Small enough that they could put it on their desk on a stand and enjoy it. That year I made the trees in the color of our company and put a starfish tree topper and Seaglass looking tree trunks.

Everyone loved them so much that I knew I was onto something. So I started making more of them in different shapes and sizes. Then color became a factor because everyone is drawn to such a different colors, that people were asking me if I could make them one in pink? Could I do one in black? How about silver? So I making all different colors And eventually started making the trees on glass, so they look like they are “floating” in a picture frame.

Next, I began experimenting with the resin and other things coastal, so I did a few charcuterie boards that look like ocean waves, small ring dishes that look like the ocean, and then I decided how pretty the beach sand crushed shells, sand dollars and starfish look inside of a wine glass, so, I found myself to the Internet once again, looking for inspiration.

Before I knew it, the “ART” of making a Christmas gifts Coupled with the love of the ocean and everything dolphins, became a passion that has become the “heart” of

Barbara Wasinger is a hobby artist.Barbara lives and works in St Augustine. The one thing more popular than her artwork is her little puppy, “Mr. Wagmore”.

Ocean Charcuterie Board

Thank You, Mosaic Dolphin for sponsoring the Holiday in the South Market



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