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Spa Day Your Way

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Tabby

Ever have that day where you feel so overwhelmed and you want nothing more than to relax in a hot bubble bath and let Calgon take you away? Me to! As I get older I find that's my escape from reality. I do absolutely everything emotional while soaking in the tub or while taking a hot shower. If I need to cry, if I need to pamper myself, if I need to scream and even if its just the need to be alone. That seems like the only place I can sneak away for a few moments and regain what little bit of sanity I have left.

On those days I give myself an at home Spa treatment. I keep Skinny Dip, a sugar scrub and bath salts that I make with Body Dew in my bathroom and ready to use at all time. You never know when that moment will hit you and sometimes it can be often. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed you just need to soak with a glass of wine in a hot relaxing bubble bath. Or if the kids wont leave you alone and you just can't get in the tub, use it for a foot soak while sitting on the couch or while eating dinner. We all need that moment no matter where it is and even for a short 5 minutes. It helps us regain, refocus and just get it done.

I use Skinny Dip everyday as my body wash, I put a quarter size amount on my wash gloves (In Good Hands). It's ph-balanced, has no dyes, Paraben free and its gentle formula has Argan oil for moisturizing. It has such an amazing clean and light feeling, I feel like I'm at a Spa even when I take a shower. Unlike other body washes or soaps, Skinny Dip leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. It is such an amazing bubble bath I not only use it for me I use it for my Grandson's to. The bubbles last the entire time there playing in the water and it has never burned there eyes.

Did you know your suppose to exfoliate your skin once a week to get rid of all the dead layers of skin cells? Yeah I didn't either until about a year ago. So you can go one of two ways for this or both. I love to use the massage gloves In Good Hands, they have a side you can use for exfoliation. In Good Hands doesn't hold any bacteria and they have multi uses. I use these with the sugar scrub I make and my skin feels like a baby, it's so soft, fresh and clean feeling. The sugar scrub exfoliates and moisturizes and makes your skin super soft and smooth.

Here's how easy it is to make your own Sugar Scrub, Bath Salts and Foot Soak. First you need Body Dew its an amazing Ultra moisturizing bath oil mist that has Almond oil, soybean oil and Safflower seed oil and other ingredients, its super hydrating for your skin and for some people it helps keep bugs/mosquito's away when your outside. Get a couple Tupperware bowls with lids and a small scoop or large spoon to keep in each bowl.

Sugar Scrub... Mix a 2 pound bag of sugar (I use Morena pure cane sugar by Zulka) and pour in about a 1/3 cup of body dew (what ever scent you like) mix around until sugar is all moist looking. You can use more body dew if you like, just do not make runny it is suppose to look like moist sugar. 

Bath salts and foot soak is made the exact same way as your sugar scrub only your using salts instead of sugar. I personally use Epson salt and pink Himalayan salt. You may use any other salt you like or enjoy. 


Not only will you love these but so will everyone you know. I make these and keep for myself and I also put in cute little containers, decorate with a ribbon, put in a cute box and bam super cute, loved, cheap and easy gift to give!



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