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DoTerra Community Education

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Kyra Jones

👋🏾 Hello I am Kyra Jones and I welcome you to my dōterra community education blog.

I am excited to share with you how essential oils have improved my life HOLISTICALLY. Oils can change and improve your life too! I will be sharing benefits and tips on how essential oils can improve your mind, body, and overall life. It all starts with the proper education

Feel free to comment like and follow my community page on Facebook hOIListicallyU

Ready to start your own journey! Join my community here

Our next vendor event will be at 400 Nocatee Center Way Ponte Vedra,FL 3208 at the Healing Hearts Project, Walk to the Beat,February 22 @ 9am event to support and bring awareness to Congenital Heart Disease

Happy oiling 💕



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