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5 Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Chuck White

There is no arguing the need for digital marketing, but offline marketing is often disregarded as unnecessary.

Throughout last year, 67% of online searches were spurred by a type of offline marketing. It's not wrong that more emphasis gets put on online marketing, but what people see in person matters and still has a massive impact.

Here are five reasons offline marketing still matters.

1. It spreads word-of-mouth more than online avenues do.

This will always be one of the most effective ways to gain a brand reputation. Once it gets going, it's free. Of course, you need to offer a great experience with your customers to get to that point.

When you do that, the customer will be quick to talk about the experience. Offline marketing can jump start that conversation. Custom branded stickers can do just that. If you give one away with a purchase and encourage a customer to put it on their car, it can be a conversation starter.

People will accept a giveaway like that. It won't be regarded as normal marketing. It will be thought of and used as a gift or a free throw-in.

5 Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters
5 Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters

2. You reach more people than you may realize.

Yes, almost everyone uses the internet. But your reach will still be limited.

Targeting older audiences is easier offline as well. If you have a sticker or a sign in a location with heavy foot traffic, it will be seen by a massive amount of eyes.

Plus, the price of this is just the overall cost of the material to make. You can stretch out impressions on a sign or sticker for years if done right, just from that first cost.

3. In=person interactions create a stronger connection.

Giving away throw in additions with your name and logo creates a strong connection. Offline events and signage can be more impact than the distance of online ads.

It could be that customer in your store or someone at an event, but these create real and lasting connections. If you make a long-term plan to make these types of relationships, it can make a lasting impact.

5 Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters
5 Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters

4. Users have ad fatigue on social media.

People are getting numb to scrolling through Facebook and seeing ads. They scroll right by it.

Because giveaways, stickers and logo merchandise aren't taken as traditional ads by consumers, they don't have that same effect with them. There are other instances of ads being engaged in by customers offline without fatigue as well.

Think about when someone is driving. They are a captive audience, unlike when they are scrolling.

5. Offline signs, stickers and ads can improve your online presence.

Placing a call to action on a sign to like, follow or subscribe to your online platforms can do this. Encourage them to do so by offering a discount or a giveaway.

You can leverage your offline audience to convert to an online one this way.




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