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DIY Christmas Photos

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Karen Fabiola Photography

Ok, I am photographer, who love offering Fall/Christmas Portrait sessions, but I do understand some people don't have the time, budget, or energy to get out of their house for family portraits. It's ok, I can go to your home ! Seriously I offer at home sessions :D


If you are a DIY person and want to take this task on your hands this year, these are my recommendations;

  • Your best friends will be; the camera, the tripod, a timer or remote trigger.

  • Look for the best natural light spot in your home - If you don't know how to work with artificial light/flash just don't try.

  • Limit the props (babies get distracted, and the important subject are just you guys)

  • A bed with white blankets and some accessories could do wonders

  • Make everyone comfortable and include them on the planning (when the big day comes everyone will be excited)

  • Relax

  • Your Christmas tree- USE IT!!!

  • Go to the Christmas light illuminations nearby or use the outdoors lights at your home

  • Enjoy the process and the moment, the most genuine smiles and hugs aren't plan...

  • Keep it simple, the idea is create something cute, full of memories and special moments, don't be too hard on yourself if the result were not professional.

  • Print your art!

Karen Fabiola Photography



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