Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

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Every year we celebrate a day of love. This can be a long-awaited or dreaded holiday. If you’re someone who curses off Valentine’s day, February can be a long month. But consider changing your perspective a little.

Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

Celebrating Valentine's day can mean giving recognition to your best gal pals and your favorite work ladies. Single or not, you can spend the day showing your unromantic love for your closest friends.

No matter how you spend your valentine’s day, being surrounded by a great group of girls will guarantee a night well spent.

Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

Ladies Lunch

Set a reservation for a midday celebration. This is the perfect plan for a girl group made up of single and taken ladies. Most reservations are made for dinner, so you have a better chance of scoring a table without waiting in what feels like an endless line.

Lunch lacks that pressure of food-by-candlelight-romance. It's a pleasant setting for friendship festivities. As a bonus, there is nearly always a lunch deal that makes this option not only fun but very affordable.

Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

Galentine's Gift Exchange

Girls' night pairs great with Pinot Grigio! Get dressed to the nines and be ready to wine and dine. Celebrate the day with a charcuterie board. Open up your favorite bottle of vino for you and your Valentines.

Start the night by sharing spirits and exchanging gifts. Whether you all draw from a hat, pick one friend as your Valentine or spoil your whole friend group.

Write a special card and let your girls know how grateful you are for them. You can even bring personalized monogram gifts, as a thoughtful surprise your friends will adore.

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Painting Class

Participate in a fun painting class together. When restaurants are booked and staying in isn’t an option, it’s time to get crafty. When it comes to participating in a painting class, you don’t even need to be artistic. No matter how artsy you may not think you are, anyone can join in.

You are sure to create a unique masterpiece. While each canvas will have its own twist, you and the girls will still have matching art that will always remind you of your fun day spent together.

Best Places to Paint in JAX

Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

Yoga Class

Put your energy, mind, and body in a serene place. For those who especially hate this holiday, you can channel that energy into a physical fitness class.

Yoga is excellent at putting your body in balance. Stretch out any kinks from sitting at work and tension from daily stresses. Take it all out on your yoga mat. There are so many different classes to choose from and a range of experience levels available. From vinyasa flow to hot power yoga, you can find your zen and build your core.

You will have an even better time by going through the motions with your dearest friends. Motivate and empower each other through the class. You can even wear matching yoga outfits and get a group pic to commemorate your outing!

Popular Yoga Studios

Galentines Guide: Celebrating Unromantic Love

Pamper night

Host a girls' night in! Valentine's Day can be a day of primping and pampering. Get out the nail polish, face masks, and romcoms. Give each other matching mani-pedis. Really make it festive by using pinks and reds for your color of choice.

Give your skin the all-star treatment. Pick face masks that make you glow and let the quality ingredients melt into your skin. While the face mask is working its wonders on your face, take the time to bring out snacks. Pour your drink of choice. You could even pop open a bottle of red and serve spirits in custom wine glasses. Take out some dip, pop some popcorn, and settle into the couch. Once the face masks are off, turn on a romcom or an anti-Valentine's movie to end the night.

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