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Me Time, Do Not Feel Guilty About It!

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Karen Fabiola Photography

Since becoming a mom, I been "discovering"all types of pressures we feel with or without asking.

First, everyone is happy that you are about to have your own bundle of joy ( :D), then you get all the new mom recommendations, even without asking, after that, your eyes wondered around all the books, studies, mom blogs, scientific researches to create the super woman/ perfect/ best mom ever.

But...right after your little human decide to make a crazy debut into the world, you get the first reality check. You kinda forget that all the books, all the "perfect" moms, all the unsolicited recommendations were ok, but you need to adapt to what really works for you.

Not an easy task because you feel all eyes are on you, and the pressure of being perfect is just too much.

Motherhood is about phases, maturity and flexibility. What works for others maybe is not that good for you, but after 21 years in the "mom business" I can tell you one thing...

If Mama isn't happy, no one is happy.

To be confident on your mom decisions, ALL moms need to take breaks, some schedule (when life gets crazy) and some sudden breaks. Support system needs to understand that mom needs this to keep it sane and even mom need to learn to respect her "me Time".

You don't need to take a trip to Greece; 20 minutes on the tub with some amazing essential oils/music, getting a pedi, taking a nap, going with friends for brunch or dinner (and make the rule to talk about everything but kids or partners), talk about you!

Because you are important!

Don't feel guilty to say NO sometimes to protect your "me" time, it is important to keep ourselves happy, with goals, plans, doing stuff that we love and not to lose ourselves to take care of others.

For your mental health, for your happiness, do not let others to decide what is right or wrong educating your kids or working on your family. Do not let others to decide what is ok to do.

Those little human will grow and will appreciate that mom took care of herself and they will do the same when is their time.

Salud! Cheers! Kanpai! :)

Karen Fabiola Photography



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