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Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends

Article written by Blog Post Contributor HolmesContentTeam

When you find yourself rushing to the grocery store with the hopes of finding that perfect gift card for a friend, this is probably a good sign that you’ve put off birthday shopping until it’s almost too late! It’s no fun when that feeling of panic sets in as you scan your options at the checkout aisle and wonder if a coffee shop gift card is personal enough.

Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends
Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends

Sure, you’ve had birthday dinner scheduled in your calendar for weeks and will arrive for this celebratory meal on time, but if you don’t quickly find that gift card, you just may be showing up empty handed once again.

Here are our top 5 gift giving tips that will help you have peace of mind, so you can head to that next celebratory dinner with the confidence that your friends will surely appreciate the gifts you’ve chosen.

  • Plan Ahead - It is so much easier (and relaxing!) to find a thoughtful gift for someone special while you still have the luxury of time. Giving a memorable gift means thinking about your recipient and getting something that matches his or her taste. When you settle for the most convenient last minute find you come across, your best friend will, most likely, be able to tell.

  • Consider Your Friends’ Hobbies & Interests - Your closest friends typically share what kind of activities they are involved in, what movies they saw recently, and other insights into how they spend their time. Do they love superheroes or a certain sports team? What about a movie ticket to the newest superhero release or a tee of their favorite sports team or athlete? Are they foodies who enjoy experiencing the latest restaurant experience? Perhaps an introductory cooking class in the local supermarkets would be a great gift, and something you could do together. Search for a gift related to activities close to their hearts.

Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends
Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends
  • Look to Social Media for Inspiration - Social media is the ultimate cheat sheet for gift giving. With just a bit of browsing on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or virtually any social media platform, you’re sure to find several personal ideas. Notice what your friends like, what they are sharing, and how they have been spending their time recently. This is an excellent way to hone in on their most recent interests and adventures.

  • Personalize it! - If you are shopping for something that you truly hope will be a keepsake, choosing something with personalization is something they’re sure to appreciate. Monogrammed gifts are a popular choice. You may even luck out and find popular names already printed on a variety of keepsake items. These thoughtful gifts let your recipient know that you chose something especially for them. For those milestone birthdays, you may even want to design your own gift that includes a special phrase, an inside joke, or his or her full name (or nickname!).

  • Find Something that Celebrates Your Friendship - The most meaningful gifts matter because of who they’re from. Presents that remind friends of experiences you have shared over the years will bring a feeling of nostalgia. Gifts related to mutual interests or shared taste will be a wonderful reminder of the bond you share. Giving a gift to someone close to your heart doesn’t need to be practical. Your gift should reflect how special the recipient is and show how much you value your friendship.

Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends
Tips on Last Minute Gift Shopping for Your Best Friends

If you do happen to find yourself lost in indecision or procrastination, those grocery store gift cards will always be there in a pinch. Just remember, it’s always nice to have something special in hand to accompany it. Selecting a heartfelt card, a favorite bottle of wine, or a lovely bouquet of flowers, for example, this thoughtful touch will be something special they can start enjoying immediately!



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