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Yesterday was amazing, well right up until..........

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Tabitha Dingler

I was rocking my day! I drank my water, enjoyed my coffee and watched the positive videos I watch every day. Did my stretches, made a sale before even leaving the house. By 9 a.m. I was meeting a friend at the Health bar for a shake (breakfast) and a bubble tea (which was so fun to drink). By 1 p.m. I had brand new tires, unloading groceries from the car, putting them away. Life felt amazing and I felt accomplished!

A friend stopped by and we chatted for a good while. When she left I went in to finish putting away the groceries. As I grabbed all the bags off the counter and started to ball them up to stick all in one bag, that's when it happened. I got electrocuted! The amount of pain I felt in my hand and up my arm was seriously no joke! I panicked, took off my wedding rings and watch. I told my son to turn on his phone and call 911 if I pass out. Do not call Dad first, call 911. I had no idea what happened! Was it a scorpion, a spider did I really just get electrocuted? I mean the bags were a little wet from the frozen foods and this was a pain I have never felt before! I've been stung by bees, ants, this couldn't be a bite or a sting, I searched the bags and found nothing. The pain was horrible, waves starting in my hand and going up my arm and you could see a red dot on the inside of my finger. I was convinced I was electrocuted and my rings were the conductor! I kept looking for answers, talking to my son, saying things like is this real, was it a bug, should I go to the ER, am I going to die? It was on my left hand that goes to my heart.

As it starts to turn red and starts swelling, I have an ice pack on it and I call my husband in complete panic. I tell him I've been electrocuted or bit by something or I don't know what I just know it hurts in waves of pain and I'm going to die. Luckily he was only about 5 minutes from being home so when he gets here I rush out and show him. As I'm still freaking out and convinced I'm dying and have been electrocuted. He says babe its ok you were bit by something. I say no way it hurts to bad to be a bite and I have looked and can't find anything.

He comes in the house and searches everywhere in the kitchen and what does he find? A Black Wasp in my kitchen window. Seriously a freaking wasp! I just can't even comprehend that a bug can cause this much pain. He sprays it and when it falls on the floor I stomp it saying take that you evil thing you. As we go to the store to get some allergy medications I'm still not convinced it was that wasp and if it was, That thing is evil and painful and nothing like that should exist and holy crap does it hurt (yes I was saying these things and more). My hubby laughing at me, tells me how the wasp paralyses its prey and lays eggs so the babies can eat when they hatch and it should make you feel better that they eat spiders. I'm like ummm NO it does not make me feel better, it hurts so bad that I mean seriously I still say i was electrocuted!!!!!

The only thing that convinced me it was not an electrocution (and seriously I'm still not 100% convinced). Was when the allergy medications started to work and swelling started to go down. However it was and still is very painful and from what I have now read, it can hurt for days!

Moral of the story, to make you laugh and never underestimate the sting or bite of a bug....

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