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How to Clutter Cleanse your Photos

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Karen Fabiola Photography

Photos are memories on an image, we treasure them, we smile at them, but sometimes we get too many of them.

The best way to stop shuffling through prints and digital files on multiple devices is to organized them.

What do you need?

*Pens with archival ink

*Trays or boxes with lids for sorting

*Index cards or sticky notes

*Software (Cloud or external memory/hard drive)

Prepare to make Simple Decisions:

_Everything that is important the photo is clear and sharp? Can you identify the people on it?

_If the image is the landscape, why is so special? Does it take memories back? Will you use it in your home or to create an album?

_Does the image have a special meaning to you?

The Best Way to Begin...

1-Block out 1-2 hours to tackle digital images on your devices. Tell your family that either they can help you of leave you alone ;) during that time.

During this time set up your system (software) and boxes

2-Sort Smart; by decade, year, themes, Stories

3-Grade those photos: A are the most keep/best ones, B are the ok ones, C are the ones that are poor quality, to give away or discard.

4-The meaning- If the image is meaningful (honeymoon, grandparents that are no longer here, first steps...) Keep them. If you have second thoughts on it maybe is time to say good bye.

5- Set up your system and stick with it. Set a monthly calendar reminder to transfer or print photos. Every December create a new folder with the most important images.

Options to Keep your Photos

Online smart store are a great option to keep digital images for example ;, , or a Certified Personal Photo Organizer (CPPO) are good options.

Done? Now let's enjoy the outdoors...:D

Karen Fabiola Photography



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