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Lady Godiva & Me

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Janet Marc

Our Story continues...

There is an old legend about "Lady Godiva" who apparently, road through her village nude, on a horse, to convince her husband to stop over taxing their people when times were tough and "the people" didn't have enough money in order to buy food to eat.

The word Godiva, means Gift from God.

When I found my dog, she was running naked on the highway & had milk in her teets from a litter that was no where in sight. She was starving, scared and running into the highway. When I stopped and stepped out of the car, she rolled over and showed me her belly. The other folks who she was running from, who were trying to keep her from running, asked me to take her. So I picked her up and put her in the car. In a total of five minute or less, I had myself a dog. I had no idea, at the time, that she would be the one saving "my life." It took me awhile to name her . . . at first I though of Godiva because she looks like the colors of fine chocolate, so I looked up Godiva and found a lot more.

The name Godiva was becoming to me & my dog. Though the dog that was dropped in my path is a handsome creature, and in no way resembles a sexy, nude woman riding a horse, she captures the love and attention of many.

We are just re-beginning our journey together after a long haul of "taxation, greed and a general lack of empathy from the human race."

We aspire to inspire and encourage others who have endured and work to overcome life's obstacles by thinking outside of the box and being who we are, as we are, . . . naked and vulnerable . . .on life's highway.

When we allow ourselves to be who we really are, aside from others demands and expectations, we often find love. Unconditional love.

"I've been through the desert on a horse with no name. It felt good to be out of the rain" Song lyrics from the band America. “A horse with no name.”

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