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Saying Thanks to Holiday Party Hosts

Article written by Blog Post Contributor HolmesContentTeam

With Thanksgiving, company parties, family gatherings, Christmas, Hanukkah and other holiday celebrations coming up, the holiday season is prime time for attending festive house parties. Between shopping for presents and decorating your home, it’s easy to forget basic party-going etiquette.

Demonstrate your gratitude for the party host with a thoughtful host or hostess gift. From special little gifts to preparing food, there are many ways to express thanks. Here are some simple ways to show your appreciation.

Bring Specialty Drinks – Showing up with the classic bottle of wine is often a hit for many occasions. You can make the gift more festive by bringing the wine in a reusable bag with a bow on top. When it comes to attending parties hosted by non-drinkers, bringing coffee or tea can be a welcome alternative. Providing a beverage gives the host a chance to either serve your gift immediately or save it for personal use.

Brighten the Host’s Home with Kitchen Décor – Many party hosts spend hours prepping in the kitchen. You can bring some cheer into their home by showing up with personalized kitchen items like serving trays, cutting boards, aprons and pot holders. You can incorporate custom details to show how well you know the host, such as trendy patterns, choice colors and monograms. Any amateur chef will enjoy having new kitchenware to inspire them as they spend so many hours getting meal after meal together.

Bake or Buy Dessert – You can ease the cooking load by bringing your favorite dessert. If you are baker, then you may want to make a treat like homemade sugar cookies or pumpkin pie. Store bought goods can also be a thoughtful addition. If you want to put a bit more effort in, you can put ingredients together in a mason jar for the recipient to prepare. Mason jar desserts are a fun activity that your host will be able to enjoy putting together for their next event.

Saying Thanks to Holiday Party Hosts
Saying Thanks to Holiday Party Hosts

Liven up the Living Room with Board Games – Consider bringing an activity for a crowd to partake in. For hosts who regularly invite groups into their home, a new board game can be a hit. With easy group games like Catch Phrase, Loaded Questions and Heads Up, there are many popular games to choose from. Nothing helps post-dinner food digest quite like a competitive, laughter-filled game for everyone to play.

Bring a Holiday Ornament to Hang – Commemorate the holiday celebration with a homemade or store bought ornament. Giving something thoughtful to hang on the tree will allow your host to look back on the occasion for years to come. You can use photos of other adventures with the host to personalize a new ornament. When it comes to decorating the tree, there is plenty of freedom to either put something very crafty together or buy a custom holiday ornament.

As you prepare for the holiday season, it’s nice to stock up on gifts early. Even grabbing a $10 gift card at the grocery store is a thoughtful gesture for thanking hosts. If your budget is tight this year, you may want to offer up your time. Communicate with the host to find out if you can help out by picking up party goods the day of, setting the table, or cleaning the dishes at the end of the evening.

Author: Alanna Ritchie Writer for Holmes Content Team



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