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7 Tips to Healthy Aging Financially ~ Mind, Body & Spirit

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Lisamarie Monaco

I hear stories from seniors often on how to live a long prosperous life and life it well. Some say drink wine every evening with dinner, some may say drink scotch when you wake up in the morning, some say going for daily walks keeps the doctor away, and then there are some feisty seniors that give me a smirk and say it is all about the sex life! LOL!!! I mean, who am I to argue that!? What do YOU define as healthy living? Below are my thoughts that I have learned through the years from my own experiences…

Healthy Aging ~ PinnacleQuote
Financially fit Mind, Body & Spirit

Let me tell you a story. My Grandma just turned 91 this past March. Although her mind is sharp as a tac, her body is starting to ail her. On her birthday this year we spoke and one of the things she told me was, “Lisa, you know why I am still going strong after all these years?” I said, “no, tell me.” She begins to say, “The Fountain of Youth in historic St. Augustine! I drank the water many years ago!” We laughed. Ahhhh, I think to myself. If it were that easy! I would drink that all day long!

In all seriousness, I am a daughter, granddaughter and a mom of 5 children. I am in my late 40’s now. Which honestly, I can’t even believe I say that out loud! I just started Beachbody 4 weeks ago. Why? Because I did give birth to 4 of my 5 kids, my oldest will be 29 this May. My body has been through a lot due to surgeries and giving birth. I have not felt healthy on any level in a long time.

I wear many hats with all my businesses, being mom and fiancé to a wonderful man. I decided to make a change and it had to start with my health first. I can’t be any good to my businesses, my loved ones or my clients if I do not feel well. Four weeks later, I have not felt this good in years! Now, if I can get my time management in line. That will be a whole other article and subject for another day! 😉

Although we know no one lives forever, while you are on this earth, it is so important to be fit, Financially first, then Mind, Body, and Spirit. People often forget that being healthy financially goes hand in hand with our health. Why? Because if we don’t feel financially fit it effects our health, our mind and our spirit! We fall ill, we become depressed and finally our spirit is just broken.

So, what do I mean by financially fit? As we age, we need to start thinking about our finances for ourselves and being able to live daily. Then think about our family. If God Forbid, I pass away today, will they be financially crippled taking care of my final expenses or debt I leave behind? If they are not financially fit, guess what? It will impact your family’s health, mind and spirit. See how this is one big viscous cycle?

Many clients ask me, should I buy life insurance for my parents? It is very common, and today so very important. Purchasing a policy and paying a premium monthly is a small price to pay compared to how much a burial can be. Our parents took care of us, it is our time now to make sure they are taken care of. It is a privilege denied to many!

95% of my clients are seniors over the age of 75. They call me and tell me stories of how they did not put their final expense finances in place. Many of them have policies with companies that sold them on lies and now years later their premiums have tripled, and they can no longer afford that policy and as a result allowed it to lapse. Now their health status has changed, they are years older and concerned with the burden they will be leaving their family. In many cases, this leaves them feeling physically ill. Don’t let this happen to you. Knowing that and hearing the stories, I made sure I am financially fit, and I have peace of mind knowing right now, in the event of my death although of course devastated, my children will be financially OK.

There are simple ways to achieve a healthy balance in life.

7 ways to healthy aging:

· Write down your financial goals – Today!

· Stay physically active – walk daily

· Eat healthy foods

· Sleep well

· Maintain your brain – keep your mind active, learn something new daily

· Practice prevention – accidents and chronic illness such as diabetes or depression can be preventable

· Have your Life Insurance Policy up to date and get a free policy review each year – We will make sure you are not over paying, not even by a penny!!!

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists ~ Final Expense
Life Insurance is Love Insurance ~ The last way to say...I LOVE YOU

My goal in life is to educate and help people achieve their financial final expense goals. Helping them keep fit on every level of their lives is my passion!!!

Lisamarie Monaco




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