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Why Personal and Business Branding is Important

Article written by Blog Post Contributor Karen Fabiola Photography

As a photographer I am always looking for ways to improve my brand because I do understand the importance of setting new goals, showing uniqueness and connecting with potential clients.

In today’s world social media is a major part on how we introduce ourselves. If you want to stand out from the crowd, building a compelling brand with professional /emotive / unique / full of personality images is a must.

Showing your mission, core values and strengths using images with a professional photographer that took the time to understand all that, will make a difference. When we talk about branding, we are talking not only head shots but a customized service created according to your necessities as business owner, entrepreneur or getting ahead in the corporate world.

The time you spend developing your business or your personal image deserves more than just stock photos. Show your ideal market what is all about. Skip the boring professional head shots, ideal clients want to feel a connection, you want to build credibility, as a business owner/entrepreneur you know how important is a visual representation of the brand you work so hard for.

Think about this; What makes you different? Your smile, the way you use your hands when your talking, your customer service, your product?…

I learned about body language and ways people show their personalities without even realizing while studying psychology (those 6 years got stuck in my mind and heart).

Chances are if you showing you, the connection with ideal market will happen. Branding could be storytelling without words, images can be a sublime way to atract your ideal client.

Introduce your world to that target client, both of you deserve it!

Karen Fabiola Photography



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